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    Mersin, with its fertile lands and favourable climate, is one of the major cities with agricultural production. In addition, Mersin is a sea city that has brought together many cultures throughout history. Therefore, it is not surprising to find magnificent local dishes in the rich and multicultural cuisine of Mersin. Like many cities in the region, meat dishes and kebabs stand out in Mersin cuisine.


    Tantuni is a lavash wrap made of julienne lamb or beef boiled and roasted on iron plate in oil, and served with tomatoes, onions, parsley and pickled chili peppers.

    Ciğer Şiş

    Ciğer Şiş (Liver Shish) is typically served on lavash at skewers with various mezzes.


    Cezerye is a kind of “lokum” (Turkish delight) made of sweet carrots, covered in ground pistachios or coconuts.


    Künefe is an oven baked dessert made of a mixture of special salt-free cheese and a pastry called kadayıf.


    Kerebiç is a kind of shortbread made of semolina filled with pistachio or walnuts.

    Turnip Juice

    Turnip Juice (Şalgam Suyu) is one of the most popular local beverages in the Southern Türkiye and it is made of fermented red carrots and turnip. Local people drink it especially with spicy meat dishes like kebabs and tantuni.


    Batırık, is a kind of Turkish gazpacho, a cold soup with tomatoes, cucumbers, bulgur and peanuts.

    Blue Crab

    Dalyan in Silifke district is one of the rare and special places where you can taste Blue Crab (Mavi Yengeç). Blue Crab is served with a special dressing including lemon and chili pepper.


    Sıkma is a delicious pastry made by wrapping ingredients such as potatoes or cheese in lavash or a type of dough called “açık ekmek”.


    Karsambaç is a dessert prepared by adding a sweet syrup, namely molasses, honey or sugar syrup on grated ice or clean snow. This dessert is especially popular in the highlands of Mersin like Çamlıyayla.

    Hummus, lepe, topalak soup, Silifke yoghurt, kaynar, mamül, sini meatballs, babagannuş, citrus jam and pickled stonecrop are some other Mersin delicacies to taste. In addition, Anamur bananas, Tarsus grapes, Silifke strawberries, Mut apricots and olive oil, and Tarsus Sarıulak Olives are among the delicious local products.