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    Mersin is a city where fragrances rise from every region. Rumour has it, Mersin was named after the aromatic plant Myrsine, which is a fragrant plant that grows abundantly in the region.

    Especially during the harvest time Mersin is filled with citrus scents emitted from the orchards.

    Mersin Citrus Festival and Citrus Groves

    As one of the centres of citrus production in Türkiye Mersin celebrates these delicious fruits with a special festival. The annual Citrus Festival was established in 2010 and the festival is held in each November. If you visit the region, make sure to stop by a citrus grove to see fruits on trees in summer and autumn, blossoms in spring, and smell their marvellous scent.

    Enjoy Kaynar in Kırkkaşık Bedesten

    Kaynar is a kind of traditional sherbet prepared by boiling 7 different spices and sugar. Visitors who take a break after shopping in the historical Kırkkaşık Bedesten (Kırkkaşık Çarşısı) in Tarsus can enjoy this aromatic and fragrant sherbet served with walnuts and cinnamon.

    Beaches of Mersin

    Visitors can inhale the rich scent of iodine from the magnificent sea experience in Mersin. With the very long coastline, Mersin is home to many beautiful beaches and the season is particularly long: Visitors can swim from May to December –the sea temperature doesn’t drop below 20°C/68°F. Those who visit the region in the summer can cool off in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Tisan Beach (Tisan Plajı), located in Silifke, is a very popular beach in Mersin.

    Tisan Bay (Tisan Koyu) is a natural wonder known as the hidden paradise of the Mediterranean.

    At Kızkalesi Beach, visitors can have the chance to swim around the Maiden Castle (Kızkalesi), one of the most important landmarks of Mersin. It is also possible to the castle by swimming or pedalo.

    Yeşilovacık Beach (Yeşilovacık Plajı) attracts its visitors with its gorgeous wide sandy beach.

    Boğsak Bay (Boğsak Koyu) is one of the blue flagged bays in Mersin and the bay is home to Caretta Carettas.

    Located on the shore of a pine forest, Akçakıl has a pebbly beach that gives the beach its name. The beach is frequently preferred by campers and caravanners.

    Barbaros Bay (Barbaros Koyu) is a beautiful, peaceful and untouched bay in Silifke. Tour boats often prefer to stop by its beach.

    People from Mersin prefer mostly Yapraklı Bay (Yapraklı Koyu) to swim. The turquoise sea is surrounded by rocks and the bay looks like a natural pool. Due to the spring water mixed in the bay, the sea water is always cool.

    Time to smell history along with iodine! Anamur coastline is 17 kilometres in total and visitors swimming around Anemurium Ancient City can come across historical ruins under the sea and discover them by diving.

    As the ground waters meet the sea in Narlıkuyu Bay (Narlıkuyu Koyu), 65 kilometres away from Mersin city centre, visitors can enjoy swimming in the refreshing and clear waters of the region. Located in the Akyar locality of Narlıkuyu, Kızlar Hamamı Bay (the Bay of Girls’ Bath) has a cool and very clear sea. According to the legend, three daughters of Zeus used to bath here, thus its name. After enjoying the cool and clear sea throughout the day, visitors can have a seafood feast at the fish restaurants around the bay accompanied by the scents of freshly grilled fish covering the whole bay.

    In addition, you may enjoy the crystal-clear waters in each of the blue flagged beaches: Taşucu, Susanoğlu, Kızkalesi, Bozyazı, Ayaş, Kumkuyu, Yanışlı, and Atakent.

    Lamos Canyon

    Kayacı Valley (Kayacı Vadisi), known as Lamos Canyon in Erdemli, is a peaceful natural wonder that every nature lover must see. Lamos (Lemon) Stream (Lamos Çayı), passing through Lamos Canyon, flows by various trees and plants and creates small waterfalls. Visitors can walk along the canyon on the pathway amid the scents of lemon trees and swim in the Lamos Stream in summer. Visitors can also enjoy fishing, rock climbing, camping and picnicking in the canyon. The canyon also offers magnificent views for photography enthusiasts.

    Highlands of Mersin

    Being located at the skirts of the Taurus Mountains (Toros Dağları), highland culture is pretty common. Plateaus around the city attract both locals and visitors with their refreshing air and fascinating natural beauties. A day in touch with nature where you can experience the plateau life and feel the changing floral scents that the nature offers in higher altitudes.

    There are wooden and stone plateau houses built by the local people in the Abanoz Plateau, which is located on the two hillsides and stream bed between Anamur and Ermenek. The fresh and clean air and wonderful nature of the plateau, surrounded by centuries-old fir and juniper trees, fascinates visitors.

    Çamlıyayla (Namrun) is very popular and offers historical and natural beauties. Rich in mountains, canyons, caves, lakes, rivers, forests and wildlife, it has ideal characteristics for rafting and trekking. Cehennem Deresi Canyon, 4 kilometres from the plateau, is a perfect path for trekking. Visitors can fish in Cehennem Deresi, visit Namrun Castle (Namrun Kalesi), tour Papazın Bahçesi (the Priest’s Garden) in order to get to know the nomadic life and culture. The region also has favourable conditions for campers. Çamlıyayla offers a natural life with its local products such as needle lace, “bandırma”, honey, tomato, grape, pomegranate, natural teas and “karsambaç”. A good opportunity to discover life in plateaus.

    Located in the middle of the Taurus Mountains, Arslanköy is surrounded by fruit and vegetable gardens. There is an underground cave in the region, near Şekersu Stone (Şekersu Kayası). The forestland in Arslanköy is suitable for camping, environmental trips and birdwatching observations.

    Pine, juniper, oak and marquis forests and orchards welcome visitors around Gözne Plateau (Gözne Yaylası). You can have a pleasant time in the local restaurants and cafes as well as picnic areas, admire Gözne Castle (Gözne Kalesi) and spend a night camping.

    Located in a small valley between the hills in the middle of the Taurus Mountains, Sorgun Plateau (Sorgun Yaylası) is entirely within apple orchards. There is a settlement consisting of typical highland houses on the plateau. The historical watchtower located in the south of the plateau is worth visiting. Renting highland houses is amongst accommodation options.

    Fındıkpınarı Plateau (Fındıkpınarı Yaylası) in Mezitli enchants visitors with its pristine nature surrounded by pine and juniper trees, and its oxygen-rich air.

    Splendid caves in Mersin are among the places worth visiting with their unique scents and natural beauties.