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    in Mersin

    First Day

    You can start the day with a magnificent breakfast accompanied by the sea and boats in Mersin Marina and then head off for a with a city tour. A rich museum tour programme awaits you in Mersin city centre. Historical artefacts from various ancient cities from the region can be visited at Mersin Archaeology Museum. In addition, Atatürk House and Museum, Mustafa Erim City History Museum, Mersin Naval Museum are among the museums that will help you discover the city and the region.

    Yumuktepe, one of the oldest settlements in the world, and Soli Ancient City bring Mersin’s rich historical and cultural past to the present and takes history enthusiasts on a journey of discovery in ancient times.

    At lunch, you should taste tantuni in the city centre, and try şalgam suyu (turnip juice). After lunch, a dessert like cezerye or kerebiç might be a good idea along with a cup of Turkish coffee.

    In the afternoon, set out for Tarsus – Mersin’s outshining district with its faith, archaeology and cultural tourism. Tarsus Museum, St. Paul Memorial Museum and Well, Cleopatra Gate, Ancient Roman Road, Eshab-ı Kefh Cave (Seven Sleepers’ Cave), Gözlükule, Roman Bath, the Tomb of Prophet Daniel and Gülek Castle are among the prominent places to visit in Tarsus. If you want to feel the historical and nostalgic texture of the region, take a walk in the streets where the historical Tarsus houses. Stop by Kırkkaşık Bedesten to buy local products and souvenirs and taste the local sherbet called kaynar to relieve the tiredness of the day.

    If you would like to discover natural beauties, continue towards Çamlıyayla Plateau –a natural wonder with pine trees, is a great route with its cool air, amazing lake and waterfall. You might also want to taste karsambaç over there to cool off, explore the natural beauties of the site and even spend the night in one of the wooden plateau houses.

    Second Day

    Start the day with local breakfast not far from the Cennet Cehennem Sinkholes in Silifke. You can taste many local delicacies such as bazlama (flatbread), and various citrus jams in the restaurants. After breakfast, as a first stop, you can visit the Cennet Cehennem Sinkholes then continue to Astım Cave.

    In the afternoon, you may want to have a quick break for sun and sea bathing: Go to Narlıkuyu to cool off in the clear and blue waters of the Mediterranean. The underground river, whose sound is heard at the bottom of the Cennet (Heaven) Sinkhole, meets the Mediterranean here. After refreshing your soul in the turquoise sea of Narlıkuyu, you can have a feast with grilled fish and special mezzes at a restaurant around Narlıkuyu Bay. At the end of lunch, stop by Narlıkuyu Mosaic Museum to admire the mosaics.  

    Continue towards Silifke to visit Adamkayalar, Roman Temple, Aya Thekla Church and Uzuncaburç. History enthusiasts might also want to visit Silifke Museum and Ethnography Museum.

    If you want to enjoy the magnificent sea and beaches of Mersin during the day, there are many more options in Silifke. Tisan Bay, located in Silifke and selected as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, is a natural wonder known as the hidden paradise of the Mediterranean. Boğsak Bay is also located in Silifke and it is one of the Blue Flag bays in Mersin.

    For dinner, you can choose one of the restaurants that serve blue crab or lobster. Do not leave Mersin without eating blue crab which is not only Mersin’s but also Türkiye’s one of the most special seafoods.