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    There are many options to listen to the sounds of nature in Mersin, from the relaxing sound of the waterfalls to the vivid sounds of many bird species staying in the Göksu Delta (Göksu Ovası). In addition, the melodies rising from Mersin Opera and Ballet and Mersin International Music Festival enchant music lovers.

    Tarsus Waterfall (Tarsus Şelalesi) is one of the most visited waterfalls in Türkiye and it is located on the Berdan River (Berdan Irmağı). Berdan River, one of the rivers that make up the Çukurova Delta (Çukurova), rises from the Taurus Mountain and flows down from a height of 5 metres in the east of Mersin and forms the Tarsus Waterfall. The waterfall reaches its most intense flow rate in winter and spring because of the melting snow in Taurus Mountains.

    Yerköprü Waterfall (Yerköprü Şelalesi), located on Ermenek Stream (Ermenek Çayı) in Mut was registered as a natural monument in 2011. The waterfall charms the visitors with its natural beauty, wonderful view and peaceful atmosphere. The waterfall falling from a height of 29 metres is enchanting with its turquoise lake, untouched stalactites and rich vegetation. There is a fragrant walking path resembling a flower garden in the summer where the waterfall pours. Located in a steep and wild nature, the vicinity of the waterfall offers suitable opportunities for sports activities such as mountain biking, mountain hiking and camping.

    Offering a unique experience for visitors who just want to listen to the sound of nature, Ilısu Waterfall (Ilısu Şelalesi) creates an incredible view by pouring from a height of 70 metres with its high flow water. Water falling from narrow rocks expands as it falls, creating gorgeous colours like rainbows. It also creates a water cloud between 4 and 5 metres where it falls. The waterfall also offers magnificent landscapes for photography enthusiasts.